18 pounder Blomefield cannon on an English Garrison Carriage

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Scale model cannon kit for sale

18 pounder Blomefield cannon on an English Garrison Carriage

17th - 19th century


Scale - 1:28

Price - R 250 excl transport costs 



Scale - 1/28th

Crest - King George III

Assembled model - 105 mm x 50 mm x 53 mm (l x w x h)

Weight - 100 grams

Metals - Zinc and brass

Number of pieces - 9 zinc + 14 brass + 1 resin = 24 pieces

Casting Technique - Spin, investment and cold cast


The story behind the selection of the 18 Pounder Blomefield gun

The 18 pounder Blomefield cannon is a fine specimen of military history and found service around the world stretching from Cape Town to the Rock of Gibraltar and from Edinburgh to Malta.  On a recent trip to Edinburgh Castle, Zane was inspired by the many beautiful examples of this naval gun on garrison carriages standing proud at each of the gun ports.  


Closer to home, he was very taken by the pleasure of watching a well preserved 18 pounder Blomefield cannon firing from Signal Hill in Cape Town.


Historical information on the 18 pounder Blomefield cannon

Designed by Thomas Blomefield while he served as the Inspector of Artillery and later superintendent of the Royal Brass Foundry, the 18 pounder Blomefield cannon sported 3 alterations to the Armstrong design.

Blomefield rounded the breech, made the first reinforce (the section between the first and second rings on the barrel) more cylindrical, strongly tapered the second reinforce (the middle area through which the trunnions pass) and strengthened the chase (the front section of the gun).

Finally he added a loop to the ball of the cascable (the back of the barrel) which allowed free movement of the breech ropes which were used to limit the recoil on the gun after it was fired.

Between 1782 and 1785, Blomefield had rejected nearly half the ordnance on reproof due to poor safety performances.  It was after this that production of the 18 pounder Blomefield cannons began in 1787.  By the early 1800's around 1 000 ships were carrying 30 000 guns, most of which has been cast since 1790.  The Napoleonic Wars were fought and won with Blomefield guns and carronades.

Today, thanks to those ships, 18 Pounder Blomefield cannons are found across the world from Canada to South Africa and Australia to Scotland. 

You may be interested to discover that the original gun to fire the One O'Clock time signal from the Half Moon Battery at Edinburgh Castle was an 18 pounder muzzle loader.



Historical information on the Noon Gun in Cape Town

A distinctive boom can be heard in the centre of Cape Town at 12 noon each day, with the exception of Sundays and public holidays. Tasked with firing a time signal since 1806, the Noon Gun - one of two 18 pounder Blomefield design cannons on English Garrison carriages reside at Lion Battery on Signal Hill.


Brought to the Cape in August 1795, they were originally used to announce the arrival of ships. In addition to their signally duties,  the guns then situated at Imoff Battery provided time signals from 1806 until 1896 when the Battery was demolished and they were transferred to the Castle of Good Hope.  To noisy for the locals, the Noon Gun (and the back-up) were moved to Signal Hill where the first shot was fired on 4 August 1902.

Weighing in at 2 tons a piece, these smooth-bore muzzle loaders are maintained by the South African Navy and fire a 3 kg charge of gunpowder daily.  They are the oldest guns in daily use in the world.

About the model

The 18 Pounder Blomefield kit consists of 24 pieces (9 zinc, 14 brass, 1 resin) which require simple assembling.  For those good at solving puzzles, we're sure that you won't have any trouble figuring out how to assemble it yourself.  Even the youngest gunners will be able to assemble it without requiring specialized equipment & just a few nimble fingers and maybe a little help from Dad. 


For those who get stuck or prefer to follow rules, we have included a step-by-step instruction leaflet for quick and easy assembly.  We believe you will enjoy assembling this piece as much as we have enjoyed developing it.


Miniature Cannon Kit Assembly Instructions

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